Boxing Apocalypse, Upcoming PSVR Title Sees Gamers Pummeling Aliens In The Face


(Last Updated On: January 21, 2018)

Mario Simone’s Boxing Apocalypse is a single-player boxing game for the Oculus Rift and soon to be released for the PlayStation VR. The game is available over on the Oculus Store for $19.99, and requires the use of the Oculus Touch in order to perform a variety of punching combos and special attacks.

The gist of the game is really simple: You’re a prisoner who wakes up on an alien planet, locked inside of an arena where the overlords have you competing in increasingly difficult fights against alien boxers. Your objective is to dodge or block incoming punches, roll out combos and blast the alien menace to pieces.

A demonstration video featuring 20 seconds of gameplay can be viewed below to get an idea of what to expect from this new VR boxing title.

To add to the game’s appeal, you can unlock finishing moves to instantly blast the aliens to pieces, or use an armored shielding to block incoming punches and launch a counter-punch attack.

The game includes several difficulty settings from ‘Easy’ to ‘Extreme’.

To help increase the replayability Mario Simone and the rest of Gotham City Films will be working to implement a tournament mode, along with a multiplayer mode.

The new modes will arrive alongside the launch on the PlayStation VR, which is coming soon.

There aren’t many boxing titles made available for VR headsets, even though it seems like these would be some of the most frequent or popular games for the HMDs, but alas they’re far and few between. Then again, anything other than puzzle-solving, exploration-based first-person shooters seems to be in short supply on VR headsets. It’s a lot of same games over and over again.

Anyway, there’s exact release date for when Boxing Apocalypse will make its way onto the PSVR, but hopefully the new levels will add some variety to the game’s brownish palette, and hopefully we’ll get to see some footage of the aliens actually fighting back.

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