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Blasters of the Universe Review

[ad_1] At this point, VR wave shooters are a bit outdated. Usually, they have you do little more than stand in one spot and shoot at hordes of enemies across various levels until you die. Blasters of the Universe seeks to shake this up a little by...


Facebook Pulls VR Shooter Demo After Political Backlash

[ad_1] In light of recent events in Parkland, FL, Facebook has decided to remove its Bullet Train VR demo from Oculus Rift demo stations. The Bullet Train demo was shown at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this week, along with...


7 VR Myths That Are Keeping Us From Real Transformation

[ad_1] Real change and transformation happen when we stop making excuses and start doing. Below are 7 myths that people tell themselves about VR before they’ve experienced its true value as a health and fitness solution. VR is a real tool you can...