Here’s some awesome games to spend those Oculus apology credits on


Thousands of $400 VR headsets were temporarily rendered useless earlier this week because, presumably, someone at Oculus forgot to update some paperwork. Worse, they remained inoperable for most of the day. Just as we were ready to unload a torrent of vitriol at the Facebook-owned company for it’s ineptitude, something magical happened: it did right by its customers.

Store credit, in the amount of $15, is a wonderful way for a gaming company to issue a mea culpa.

First things first, if you own a Rift and you haven’t already done so, go ahead and download and run the software fix that’ll un-brick your headset.

While no one is suggesting that every time a service goes down for a few hours here or there the company should hemorrhage cash – people make mistakes, and Xbox Live wouldn’t survive those expectations. We are, however, more likely to forgive the bigger faux pas that arrive when companies don’t hesitate to invest in our good will.

So, here’s some suggestions on how you should spend that good will in the Oculus store.

First, while the credit isn’t enough to buy most of the top rated experiences, you could still consider it a steal to get any of the following at a near 50 percent discount:

  • Arizona Sunshine: One of the few VR experiences that feels like a full game. If you’re tired of watching the White House’s gory games video and you’re ready to tackle some VR violence few other titles come close.
  • Robo Recall: Originally developed as a demo this fully fleshed out version of Bullet Train remains one of the most polished games on any VR platform to date. It has excellent graphics, thrilling gameplay, and is definitely a title you can still show off to VR newcomers.
  • Star Trek Bridge Crew: If you don’t already have this, and you’re a Star Trek fan with a VR headset, here’s your chance to get it for $25 you probably won’t regret spending. Not only does it provide an amazing sense of immersion for Trekkies (Trekkers if you prefer, no judgments here) but it also features an exceptional voice control system thanks to the addition of IBM’s Watson AI to the game.
Credit: Ubisoft