Microsoft’s New Startup PlayFab Set to Boost Cloud Gaming


Creation of partnerships and mergers is often a risky affair as it can either turn out to be a wise or costly move. Well, Microsoft has decided to take such a risk after acquiring startup Company PlayFab. The details about the deal are undisclosed but it’s reported that PlayFab had invested $13 million. Major investors include Madrona Venture group and Benchmark.

 “PlayFab’s backend services reduce the barriers to launch for game developers, offering both large and small studios cost-effective development solutions that scale with their games and help engage, retain and monetize players,” reported, Kareem Choudry, Vice President of gaming at Microsoft.


The newcomer firm is expected to benefit Microsoft’s Azure platform by offering back-end services. This also gives Microsoft a leeway to develop more games and support services. Additionally, PlayFab will enhance live games on its online cloud.

How PlayFab Works

The Seattle-based startup firm, established in 2014, makes use of technology that uses analytic tools to interact and monitor online game users. It also encompasses sophisticated servers to handle the worldwide gaming data that currently stands at 1.5billion logins per day (20,000 per second).

Players are able to enjoy multiplayer games, tournaments, have a game manager and matchmaking capabilities. If a player wishes to change their titles he or she can make use of the title management tool provided.

As for gaming enthusiasts looking for a live game experience, then PlayFab will be able to support more games for them to play on.

PlayFab’s Remarkable Performance

The startup company has quite an admirable scorecard such as having over 700 million gamers on its platform. Moreover, PlayFab empowers 1200 gaming firms with the likes of Atari, Rovio, Nickelodeon, NBC Universal and Disney. Some of the games anchored on PlayFab include Roller Coaster Tycoon, Seasons and Angry bird.


Interestingly, PlayFab also extends its services to A/B testing, content monitoring and documentation. The extra features will expand Microsoft’s gaming content as the demand for new fancy games increases. Currently, PlayFab services are available in 42 countries and the number is expected to grow after the new deal.

Amazing Partnership: Azure and PlayFab

Microsoft’s newcomer PlayFab is expected to integrate with Azure’s technology in order to produce more thrilling games. According to CEO James Gwertzman, there is a paradigm shift in the gaming world into online cloud gaming.

“Our customers are worldwide, and Microsoft’s global presence and world-class Microsoft Azure server infrastructure complement PlayFab’s services, making it even easier for studios to focus on building great games instead of back-end technology,” stated the CEO.

It should be noted that game developers will greatly benefit from the online guide available in the cloud at an affordable price. Xbox designers will also able to integrate the new know-how into subsequent products and console hardware.

Over 100 Billion Gamers Up for Grabs

Andy Serkis, a famous filmmaker, once said that “People are enthralled with games in the same way as other people love cinema or theatre.” Well, the love is for real as the number of gamers is rapidly increasing worldwide.

We’re mobilizing to pursue our extensive opportunity in a 100-plus-billion gaming market,” reported CEO Satya Nadella. This gives the impression of a company keen on having a huge chunk of the global market.

Furthermore, Microsoft is stepping into murky waters to compete with companies such as Amazon who introduced a similar gaming tool a couple of years back.

Staying Up to Date with the Latest Gaming Tech

Gone are the days when videos games were the norm for gaming fanatics. Technology innovators are introducing virtual reality games on headsets and smartphones.  Microsoft has collaborated with Samsung to come up with Odyssey headset that is in competition with the likes of Sony, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Google’s Daydream.


With this level of change, Microsoft has to make use of the startup company to boost cloud management. Apart from this, Microsoft aims at enlightening more game developers on how to improve their designs.

In summary, PlayFab’s arrival should significantly replicate in gamer user base for Microsoft via the Azure platform.




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