Skyrim VR Coming to Steam in April


Good news if you have a Steam account because Skyrim VR is soon coming to the PC gaming platform. You probably have heard about Skyrim before, because it is one of the most popular video games out there today. A ton of re-releases have occurred through the years, including for the PC, Xbox and PlayStation 4. The newest version was the PlayStation VR addition, but now, Steam is getting a VR version too. Keep reading to learn more about the just released news of Skyrim coming to Steam as a virtual reality game.

Skyrim VR Hits Steam on April 3

We are really happy to be telling you that Skyrim VR is about to hit Steam. It will be coming to Steam on April 3, which is really not that far away from now. This highly-popular video game has transcended the markets, especially since it became available across multiple platforms.

The PlayStation VR version was the newest release, and seems to be a pretty big hit for gamers. The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners can now relax knowing Skyrim VR will soon be coming to Steam. Bethesda just made the announcement about Skyrim coming to Steam this week, so we are short on a lot of details for now.

Windows Mixed Reality, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift will now be able to play the game. We do not know though, the cost of the game once it hits Steam. The only thing we know is that it will be released on April 3, so you do not have to wait much longer. Another thing we do not know right now is how much the game will change for the VR systems on Steam.

We do know that the motion controllers for the Windows Mixed Reality will be able to be used in the game. There are also the wands for the HTC Vive and then the Touch for the Oculus that have to be considered too. That means Bethesda is going to have to change things in order for the game to come to the Steam VR platform. There will also have to be the option for room-scale immersion, so we will see where all of that goes.

Skyrim VR Just the Newest Game to Get Into Virtual Reality

Most of the reviews with the Skyrim VR PlayStation VR release were positive, especially since the expansions came along with it. The core part of the game was also available, so those on PlayStation VR ended up getting a ton of content to try out. The only bad thing about the PlayStation VR was the controls, because the default configuration was not the best.

It was setup for the snap turns and teleport movements, and a lot of VR players did not like this setup. After it was known there were some control system issues, Bethesda added the option for smooth turnings. There was also more options for movements put into the Settings and it was then announced to the players.

The Steam VR release should not have quite as many issues when it comes to the control system and default options. Most people are thinking that the Steam VR version will contain more comfortable controls and more motion options. There are a lot of advantages to the PC VR controllers when compared to the limited PlayStation Move controllers. This means people will likely see a better setup overall and have a more enjoyable experience with that aspect of the game.

How to Check Out Skyrim VR on Steam

There is already a Steam VR Store page for Skyrim, so you can go there now to check it out. Hopefully, we will get more details on the Steam VR version of Skyrim in the near future. We are excited about seeing what this game can do on the PC VR system, since there are more options and features available. Tell us in the comments if you enjoy playing the VR games on Steam.

We want to know which one is your favorite so far that you have tried out. Do you think that Skyrim coming to Steam VR is a good thing for Bethesda? What is the price point that you would either buy the game or not buy the game on Steam VR? Tell us all about what you think of this news in the comments below, and if you are excited for the release on April 3.


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