VR Kanojo, Adult Dating Sim Demo Available; Launches Late March For Steam


(Last Updated On: March 11, 2018)

Way back in late 2016 Illusion announced that the pornographic VR girlfriend simulator, VR Kanojo, would be releasing in 2017 for English speaking gamers. It did launch over on the official Illusion website, featuring English subtitles.

You can download the free VR Kanojo demo from over on the official VR Kanojo demo page.

It works with all compatible VR HMDs, including the Oculus Rift, the Microsoft Mixed Reality sets, and the HTC Vive.

Unfortunately you will need a VR headset to play the game properly.

Illusion also announced that VR Kanojo will arrive at the end of March on Steam. You can wishlist the game over on the Steam store page.

Illusion announced that the game is currently going through the Steam app review process right now.

The discussion threads are currently wondering how much of the game will be censored for Steam or if it will be censored at all? As some of you know, Steam can allow most AAA games with uncensored sex and nudity to appear on the service, but they’re usually stringent when it comes to Japanese games, indie titles, and other visual novels that contain full-on sex scenes and nudity.

VR Kanojo - Sitting In Chair

In the case of VR Kanojo, the game is a dating simulator with some nudity involved. However, the nudity is no worse than what you would find in Max Payne 3, The Witcher, or GTA V.

The question is if Illusion played it safe for the Steam release and censored Sakura’s Yuuhi’s boobs and butt or will they censor that stuff out?

The thing is, the nudity isn’t gratuitously plastered everywhere, and requires some prodding from the player, such as using the VR motion controllers to pull and tug at Sakura’s panties to see what’s underneath, or unfastening her bra to see her ample, jiggly boobs and nipples. A demonstration of some of the more risque content is featured in the video below from VR Maniac.

Given that Valve came under fire from the Christian organizations last year where they claimed that the company allowed kids to buy porn through Steam, Valve had to crackdown on what kind of content was allowed on the service. It’s unlikely that Illusion will be able to launch VR Kanojo uncensored on Steam, so it’s likely modders will have to offer a patch.

Alternatively, you can buy the uncensored version directly from the Illusion online shop.

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