‘VRChat’ introduces a whole new world of social media gaming


Facebook/vrchatnetPlayers admire Godzilla from afar.

“VRChat” is slowly making its name as the world’s first successful massively multi-player online virtual reality video game, which cannot really be classified as just a video game. It provides players with a fully customizable virtual space, where literally anything is possible.

A match of bowling between aliens, orcs, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Bruce Lee? Possible. Dance with a flash mob at Japan’s Shibuya Station? Possible. A game of Frisbee on the moon? Possible. Meet up with friends and enjoy watching a movie together on the couch? Possible. Players can even stream videos from platforms like Twitch and YouTube inside their own virtual theater.

There have been games with similar features before, such as “Second Life” and Habbo Hotel.” However, none had the extent and depth of customization that “VRChat” offers. The possibilities in “VRChat” are almost endless since it is widely customizable by the community, and offers its own Software Development Kit (SDK), giving the community the freedom to create. Players can craft their own rooms, islands, and worlds.

Games are but one component of “VRChat.” Being highly dependent on community content, it is largely built upon social interactions. Hop on, make friends, collaborate, create, and play. It could quite possibly become the social media of the video games.

The game supports virtual reality gameplay with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vibe. Those who do not have these devices need not fear, as it is also available for regular PC and can be played with just a mouse and keyboard.

“VRChat” was released on Steam on Feb. 1, 2017 and is still in Early Access. It gained popularity in late 2017 as it became a source of various comical videos and memes. Players can enjoy an almost endless array of features as the game continues to be developed even further.


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